Ocean Storm King Pin Soft Top Surfbrett

Der Hulk unter den Softboards! Mit 3 Stringern, einer zusätzlichen Schicht aus 6oz Glasfaser, einer 6oz Glasfaser-Verstärkung und einer EVA-Verstärkung rund um das gesamte Board, ist das King Pin so gebaut, dass es auch den schwersten Surfern standhält.

Dieses Board wird komplett mit Finnen geliefert.

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Technical informations

You’re new to the world of surf and you’re looking for a board that is strong enough to use in all conditions, to share with friends and family and to keep for a very long time? The model KingPin is a very strong and long-lasting board. It has a foam core and two layers of fibre glass, with 3 wooden stringers and EVA bumper al around the board. This board is made for the bigger and heavier surfer that is looking for a strong and reliable board for every condition.

We can generally base our choice of board size by looking at weight and height of the surfer. If you are a beginner surfer and…

 …weigh between
35kg and 55kg with a height between 140cm and 165cm, we suggest to take a board between 7’0’’ (standard or BigBoy) and 7’6’’ or 8’0’’.

…you weigh between 55kg and 65kg with a height between 160cm and 175cm, we suggest to take a board between 7’6’’ and 8’0’’ (standard or BigBoy)

…you weigh between 65kg et 75kg with a height between 170cm and 180cm, we suggest a board between 8’0’’ and 9’0’’

…you are heavier and/or taller than the above mentioned, we suggest a board between 8’0’’
(standard or Big Boy) and 9’0’’.

If you weigh more than average, we suggest to take the option Big Boy. It gives you a bit more volume on the same size.

If you weigh less than average, we suggest to choose the model Back to School or Start Up. They are slightly less heavy and strong than the KingPin and thus better and easier to transport.

If you are a more advanced surfer, you can choose a board that is slightly smaller (one size smaller) than the one suggested.

  • HQ EPS blanks are laminated with two full layers of 6oz fiberglass plus an additional 6oz fiberglass spine on the top deck.
  • The series features 3 x wooden stringers running from nose to tail as well as EVA bumpers around the entire board.
  • 100% sealed and waterproof fin plugs (OS standard).
  • Built in carry handles for easy handling as well as nose area go-pro fixations.


  • Very strong board with three stringers and reinforcement at the tail
  • Easy to transport with the handle
  • Layer of fiberglass makes the board more performing


Ocean Storm plastic fins, supplied with board.

In order to not loose any time and to make sure that you have everything you need for your next surf, you might want to add the following to your board :

  • Fins (included)
  • Leash
  • Wax
  • Traction pad : you don’t need to add a traction pad to the King Pin model. Only add a layer of wax to get some extra grip.